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The Singapore-based company provides universal access and connectivity throughout isolated regions in the Asia Pacific at an affordable cost. Carving a path In many ways, Patouraux was destined for the role he has today. Since the time his uncle gave him a calendar featuring steam trains as a child, he was fascinated with how technology could solve human problems. He discovered an interest in aerospace while completing his military service in Belgium as a research scientist. Inhe became a spacecraft engineer with satellite company SES, where he learned about astrodynamics, rocket propulsion and the automation, control and procurement of satellites. As he watched SES grow, Patouraux began to consider how to apply the knowledge he had gained from helping launch seven satellites. He decided to pursue an MBA. A life-changing experience Near the end ofPatouraux was ready to celebrate. The entrepreneur had launched Oghma, a start-up that provided free WiFi hotspots across Singapore, and he wanted to spend a relaxing Christmas in Thailand. He booked a ticket, not knowing that the trip would change the course of his life. On 26 December, Patouraux was caught in the tsunami that ripped through Thailand. But I saw people dying around me. It deeply affected me—the things I saw and the guilt, especially the guilt of not having lost anything or anyone. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Patouraux tended to the injured and later founded a charitable venture in Thailand that distributed disaster aid and built longtail boats for fishing in an area where many people had lost the boats they depended on for their livelihood. For months, Patouraux lived and worked with locals, which helped with his own recovery. The experience also exposed him to a critical, unmet need in the developing world: access to the internet. Connecting the world While running his charity operations, Patouraux found it difficult to connect to the internet in remote areas of Thailand, so he set up a satellite dish—a move that quickly caught the attention of locals. After about nine months, Patouraux returned to Singapore to run Oghma and do consulting work. But the problem of internet connectivity in Thailand continued to circle in his mind, even as he transitioned into larger roles at Morrigan Investments, O3B Networks and Measat Satellite Systems. A new calling Patouraux did do something about it: Inhe founded Kacific Broadband Satellites Group to bring low-cost connectivity to remote regions of the Asia Pacific. The company began providing an interim service in by leasing Ku-band coverage from existing satellites as it built its own. Plans are also in the works potentially for a second satellite. He says it is gratifying to see his vision being applied to help so many. INSEAD does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, colour, or national or ethnic origin. Next article The ripple effect of giving to scholarships. Insead logo
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Insead, one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, has suspended the " welcome week" for its MBA program after two students complained they were made to undertake "humiliating" initial rituals during the week. The school, based in Fontainebleu, just outside of Paris, took the decision to suspend the introductory week after the students said they were "tricked" into the initiations, although details of what these entailed have not yet been made public. According to the FT, the incident is believed to pose a threat to the renewal of Insead's academic accreditation, which is soon up for renewal. Insead, ranked second in the world for MBAs by both QS and the FT, has a long tradition of unofficial initiations for students, with the practice generally undertaken in an attempt to deflate the egos of new starters, many of whom have begun successful and lucrative careers in the business world, before stepping back to embark on the MBA program. Initiation rites reportedly include tricking students into joining fake sports clubs which require their initiates to undertake gruelling physical challenges, often involving exercising until they are sick. While the university is taking the complaints seriously, the decision to suspend the welcome week has not gone down well among many of the university's alumni. Alumni approached by the Financial Times had a similar view. Reshma Sohoni, who graduated intold the paper: "There are always one or two people who get upset about being humiliated but I think it builds character. It is about not taking yourself too seriously. The school has acknowledged the feelings of alumni, but said that the wellbeing of students must be prioritised at all times. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. BI Prime. Will Martin. This story is available exclusively on Business Insider Prime. Join BI Prime and start reading now. Insead, the world's second best business school, has suspended its "welcome week" after complaints from students. Two new students at the French university complained they were made to undertake "humiliating" initial rituals during the week, the FT reports. Prime Archive.

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Original seed money was provided by the Paris Chamber of Commerce. The original campus Europe campus is located in Fontainebleaunear ParisFrance. The third and newest campus Middle East campus is located in Abu Dhabi. They follow the same core courses in parallel regardless of campus, and there are faculty who teach on both the Europe and Asia campuses as well as permanent faculty at each of the three campuses who live and work in the respective regions. INSEAD offers two MBA schedules per year: one starting in September which takes ten months to complete, and a month promotion starting in January for students who want to complete a summer internship. The core covers traditional management disciplines including financeeconomicsorganizational behavioraccountingethicsmarketingstatisticsoperations managementinternational political analysis, supply chain managementleadership and corporate strategy. There are 75 electives on offer [25] in areas such as accounting and control, decision sciences, economics and political scienceentrepreneurship and family enterprisefinance, and organisational, strategy, marketing, technology and operations management. Students are required to speak two languages upon entry and a third by graduation. The programmes offer experienced business executives an intensive 14—month modular course that takes place in modular periods approximately every six to seven weeks. Each period on campus is between one and two weeks' duration. It provides a grounding in basic drivers of human behavior and the hidden dynamics of organizations. Integrating business education with a range of psychological disciplines, the programme enables participants to understand themselves and others at a fundamental level, which prepares them to assume roles in organisations, individual and organizational development and change management. It requires four to five years of full-time study - the first two years devoted to coursework, while from the third and fourth or sometimes fifth years dedicated to research and dissertation. The program is offered in a modular format over a month period to allow professionals to study while continuing to work. Participants take time off from work for each of the five modules 2—3 weeks each to take classes on campus, and continue working in between. Participants usually come from senior or top management, with many years of experience within their company or industry and younger 'high-potentials' identified as being key in succession strategies within their companies. And, inthe school's MBA program was ranked 5th worldwide for social and environmental impact by Corporate Knights magazine. These include:. Teaching methods at INSEAD include case studieslectures, peer-to-peer learning, tutorials, group work, simulations and role-plays. The case method is largely used in the classroom as a teaching method. Business case studies authored by INSEAD professors are the second most widely used in classrooms by business schools globally, after Harvard Business School's case studies. The business cases that have been designed at INSEAD have received many awards, [81] are made available in case clearing houses, and are used by many other business schools. In addition to the national associations, INSEAD alumni have formed clubs and groups dedicated to specific industries and activities. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 22 Jul Singapore Business Review. Retrieved 11 November

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This has enabled us to implement our strategy of promoting reusable modules, which in turns accelerates the rollout of new innovations. A case in point was the speed with which we extended our Canvas learning management system to all degree programmes in a relatively short time. The new Salesforce system significantly enhances our sales and marketing capability and will be deployed in other departments to raise performance across the school and make the application process easier for candidates. TimeEdit, a new scheduling platform, was also implemented for Executive Education in October It marks the first step towards our long-term digital-campus vision. Improving efficiency in allocating teaching spaces and scheduling courses was a major focus throughout the year. This is a synchronous online teaching facility that enables participants to connect with each other and their instructor from multiple locations anywhere in the world, using a range of digital tools to exchange information, share ideas and collaborate. Technology now plays a pivotal role in the school and is set to become even more important in the future. The journey towards our visionary Digital Transformation continues, as we progress through the transformation of all internal processes and improve experiences for our learners and our community across all INSEAD campuses and facilities. The planning stages are rapidly reaching completion and groundbreaking is scheduled for We will expand the campus, which involves purchasing new land, and construct some entirely new buildings. When complete, we will have one of the most impressive and business school campuses in the world. Meanwhile, our Hotels Ermitage and Clos St Merry are reaping the benefits of the work carried out over the past five years. Although we are selling our stake in the town-centre Aigle Noir hotel, we have committed to a certain number of room bookings there over the next three years. Our roots remain in the forest, but our Europe Campus has two small branches that extend all the way to Paris. Many of these alumni-led ventures seek to use business as a force for good. For example, the LaunchPad is hosting Susu, a digitally enhanced full-service healthcare solution for members of the African diaspora who are looking to offer the best quality of care to their families back home. Learning and collaboration space renovations include upgrades to teaching spaces and break-out rooms on the second and third floors. The PhD programme saw renovations to teaching spaces and all PhD offices. Degree Programmes office space was also renovated, as were other offices around campus. Our new logo was installed at the main entrance, as was a moss wall that brings the interior of the building to life. The campus now has a dedicated mindfulness room and relaxation area to ensure space for our students and participants to relax and recharge when they need a moment away from the rigorous academic programme. The Green Mark Platinum campus continues to embrace a force for good by completely removing single-use plastic water bottles from all on-campus hotel rooms, bars and restaurants by Augustamong many other sustainability initiatives.

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Skip to main content. Welcome to the United Nations. Toggle navigation Language. Mailing address:. Focal point 1 - Name:. Focal point 1 - Title:. Focal point 1 - Email:. Focal point 2 - Name:. Focal point 2 - Title:. Focal point 2 - Email:. Focal point 3 - Name:. Focal point 3 - Title:. Focal point 3 - Email:. Please provide a brief description of your academic structure:. Master Degrees — Full- time: 1. MBA Degree designed for designed for early to mid-career professionals, duration 10 months. Global Executive MBA, duration months 2. Executive Master in Finance, duration 18 months, designed for professionals with work experience in a finance-related 2. A set of core and advanced courses in the first year provides the basic theory and methodology for research in management, irrespective of the eventual field of specialisation, and forms the basis for the more advanced, specialised studies of the second year. Please describe briefly any activities your institution is already carrying out, which are relevant to UNAI and its principles:. Education opportunity for all 1. To date scholarship funds are 5.

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The ExCo will ensure that appropriate records of its activities and meetings are maintained and may appoint an honorary Secretary from among its Members. The ExCo may, acting reasonably, terminate the membership of a Member at any time for the following reasons:. For the avoidance of doubt, it is emphasised that the ExCo should act reasonably and will provide an opportunity for a Member to present any mitigating circumstances before terminating their Membership. However, the decision of the ExCo is final and binding. The quorum for the Annual General Meeting and for Extraordinary General Meetings will be set by the ExCo at a level appropriate to the total number of Members, but will not be fewer than ten Members. ExCo Members are considered part of the quorum. The ExCo will communicate with Members electronically and through forums. Members working on such delegated tasks are required to act in accordance with this Charter and will report to a nominated ExCo Member as appropriate. They will not receive any remuneration from INDEVOR but may, in circumstances defined by the ExCo, receive reimbursement for expenses incurred in the fulfilment of their duties. ExCo Members are elected for a three year term. They are eligible to serve a maximum of two terms. Those ExCo Members who have already served a three-year term will either put themselves up for re-election or resign. Applicants will require endorsement of their nomination by two other Members. When considering applications, the Nominations Sub-Committee will take into account matters including, but not limited to, academic qualifications, board experience, the skills and competencies required by the ExCo to meet the needs of INDEVOR and obligations under this Charter. The Nominations Sub-Committee may conduct interviews, either face-to-face or by electronic means as appropriate and will nominate candidates for appointment to the ExCo. Members may vote in respect of these resolutions in an online ballot before or during the AGM. Any unfilled vacancies on the ExCo may be filled by invitation from the President, with such appointments to be ratified at the following AGM. An ExCo Member may resign unilaterally in writing to the President at any time. The ExCo will meet at least four times each year. It shall determine the dates, times and locations of the meetings. An agenda and minutes shall be prepared for each meeting. The ExCo will delegate powers and responsibilities to individual ExCo Members as appropriate and may also establish a schedule of reserved powers. Nothing in this Charter shall oblige Members to enter into a contract concerning the subject matter described in the Objectives section above. No such contract shall be deemed to exist unless and until an agreement in writing is formally executed by the Member s concerned. The Members are independent Contractors. This Charter is not intended to, nor shall it be construed as creating, a joint venture, partnership or other form of business association between the ExCo and the Members. No Member or Members shall act to bind any other in any way, nor shall they represent that they are in any way responsible for the acts of the other Members. Nothing in this Charter shall prevent Members from entering into similar arrangements with third parties. No Member or Members shall have authority to make any statements, representations or commitments of any kind on behalf of INSEAD, or to take any action which shall be binding on any other Member or Members, except as may be expressly provided for herein or authorised in writing. Disputes between Members or between a Member and the ExCo will be mediated by a panel composed of an IAA nominee, a delegate of the President and one ex-officio member when appropriate. This panel does not mediate in relation to academic or related matters e. Any amending resolution must be put to a secret ballot of Members at a General Meeting and to other Members by electronic voting. This Charter is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. Non-contractual obligations if any arising out of or in connection with this Charter shall also be governed by the laws of Singapore. All parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore as regards any claim, dispute or matter whether contractual or non-contractual arising out of or in connection with this Charter or any of the documents to be entered into pursuant to this Charter. INSEAD does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, colour, or national or ethnic origin. Mission To employ and encourage others to employ Business as a Force for Good in society. The ExCo may adopt Rules, including a code of conduct, that facilitate fulfilling its functions.

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It is shocking that companies do not seem to recognise the profound influence logos can have. Airbnb, the home rental service and latest darling of Silicon Valley, launched a new logo in mid-July to much fanfare. But internet users saw something entirely different. A little research can yield key insights to avoid putting out the wrong message and ruining the potential impact of such large investments. Logos can also influence consumer judgments of the physical characteristics of the brand. Airbnb has chosen well in this regard with softer, more circular logo characteristics to give a sense of comfort to potential guests. Where it went wrong was failing to see the shape as a whole and what it could be construed as. This effect is compounded by the presence of verbal claims in the ad that match its graphical inferences. In our study, consumers liked a product more and were willing to pay more for it if the logo shape inferences were consistent with the verbal advertisement. While companies should choose logos that have aesthetic properties that reinforce the desired image of the brand, they should also be aware of consumer perceptions of the whole image. Consumer competitions are a good idea. In such cases, there are three benefits: you can crowd source the logo options enhancing consumer engagement, warn consumers of an impending change and create publicity for your brand. However, this is only step one as it does not shield you from the problem Airbnb encountered. For that, you need to do some additional research. You should shortlist a set of logos from the crowd sourcing effort, based on a set of criteria for choosing your potential logo, then you would do due diligence to ensure that the subset of logos you have chosen are not similar to existing logos. Next, you would go to your target consumers and ask them what they associate the logo options with, making sure that there are no negative associations, verbal or visual. The final step is to ask consumers if the logos had the associations that you desired, along specific benefit dimensions, for example, comfort, and also how much they liked each logo. Now you can choose. If you are international like Airbnb or intend to be international, then you need to sample target consumers from the relevant markets. Your Privacy. For this reason, we inform you that the data collected via the form above is processed electronically for the purpose s specified in this form and will not be used outside this framework. In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January amended by the GDPR, you are granted statutory rights of access, modification, update, deletion and limitation of treatment of your personal data. You have the right, on legitimate grounds, to object to the collection and processing of your personal information. The title was so misleading! This is a very interesting - This is a very interesting article. For examples, "The chair of one such board Congratulations - What a interesting discussion! I came here for the article, just to get to know different In a rapidly changing business environment disrupted by increased regulatory reforms, digitalisation, societal demands, capital A series of blog posts about how changes in culture and technology are reshaping what managers do.

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Refugees provide a great new source of talent. Many are highly educated, multi-lingual and come with relevant professional experience. Is success in business compatible with social good? Of course. In fact success is imperative, say the co-founders of StanPlus,…. As Managing Director of Plaxall Inc. We believe that every home can be…. When it was launched inMigraine…. According to a recent research report, more than half of the next-generation in Chinese family-run businesses will not want to…. The odds…. INSEAD does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, colour, or national or ethnic origin. Many are highly educated, multi-lingual and come with relevant professional experience Read More. In fact success is imperative, say the co-founders of StanPlus,… Read More. Read More. We believe that every home can be… Read More. When it was launched inMigraine… Read More. According to a recent research report, more than half of the next-generation in Chinese family-run businesses will not want to… Read More. The odds… Read More. Congratulations INSEAD MBA Class of 2017J !


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