Alienware m15 issues

Alienware m15 issues

Alienware m15 issues
Those CPU temperatures — yikes! If you've ever wanted the The new model is a complete design overhaul of last year's Alienware m15 R1 that unfortunately feels more like a lateral step sideways instead of a big leap forward. Unveiled at Computex alongside the Alienware m17 R2the Dell Alienware m15 R2 directly succeeds the barely one-year old Alienware m15 R1 with a complete chassis redesign derived from the Alienware Aream. The m15 series supplants the older Alienware 15 series by introducing narrow bezels, a thinner design, and optional OLED panels that have become all the rage on newer gaming laptops. The Alienware system competes directly with other ultra-thin Whereas last year's Alienware m15 R1 is a miniaturized version of the original Alienware 15 R4the new Alienware m15 R2 is a miniaturized version of the Alienware Aream. The large honeycomb grilles along the rear, bottom, and keyboard deck are perhaps the most noticeable characteristic of the new design as Dell claims this particular pattern optimizes airflow and rigidity better than the usual parallel grille design of most other laptops. As far as durability goes, don't expect the new Alienware m15 R2 to be as sound as the hefty last generation Alienware 15 R4. The m15 R2 exhibits more twisting and creaking than its older sibling which is the price to pay for being significantly thinner and lighter. Best Displaysfor University Students. Although the Alienware 15 R2 looks completely different from the 15 R1, they are nearly identical when it comes to dimensions and weight. The 15 R2 is ever-so-slightly thinner at Because of its extended rear, however, the m15 series continues to be noticeably longer in length and with a larger footprint than most other competing Both port options and positioning are identical to last year's Alienware m15 R1. One small upgrade is that the RJ port can now support 2. Though the Intel is nowhere near as fast as what the Killer module is capable of Mbps vs. You'll still need a brand new router if you wish to fully exploit the benefits of Wi-Fi 6. Servicing is easy and it requires only a Philips screwdriver. Unfortunately, you won't have much to actually service once inside. The problem here is that the m15 R2 chassis was not designed with the same overclocking potential as its larger Aream sibling and so this particular feature is not as useful here. We recommend becoming familiar with Command Center because the performance, RGB lighting, and fan noise of the laptop are intimately tied to Dell's software instead of the default Windows power settings menu. While there's a slight learning curve, we appreciate that its system monitor feature provides real-time data like voltage, DRAM timings, temperature graphs, and fan RPMs. There are no included extras in the box other than the usual Quick Start guide and warranty card. The proprietary Alienware External Graphics Amplifier remains compatible. The standard one-year limited protection applies with extensions of up to 5 years total. We complained about the shallow 1. Feedback feels crisper and more tactile to be closer to a gaming laptop instead of a super-thin Ultrabook. As for the layout, Dell has completely removed the integrated NumPad from the m15 R1 meaning that you'll have to get the larger The m15 R2 gains per-key RGB lighting that was missing on last year's model in return. Annoyingly, there are still no preset hotkeys for adjusting the brightness of the keyboard backlight; any adjustments must be done via the Command Center window for a more cumbersome experience. Cursor control is otherwise reliable with no jitter. There is slight sticking when moving at slow speeds, but it's not enough to impact usability. The very high refresh rate of the display gives a sense of faster responsiveness than usual.

Alienware m15 review

Alienware m15 issues
For memory, open Task Manager, click More Details, and go to the Details tab and sort the list by amount of memory each process is using. For storage consumption, download TreeSize Free and run it with elevated privileges run as administratorand scan your whole hard drive. It sorts folders and files from largest to smallest, and as you drill down it continues that sorting mechanism for subfolders and files in there, so it makes it very clear very quickly where your storage is being consumed. As you can tell i'm not the most tech savvy person T. TI literally can't tell here if this is normal or not. I have about different processes running and I can't tell which ones are just the normal windows backgrounds process or if there is anything of concern here. You looked at the Processes tab; I mentioned the Details tab. Can you sort that one by memory consumed? In terms of the list, it looks like there's some "borderline" stuff that may not be total crapware but that you might be able to do without depending on your preferences. There are also some I don't recognize, but nothing jumps out at me as an actual cause for concern. If you haven't already, you could go through Programs and Features to see what's pre-installed on your system, research application names you don't recognize, and decide if that's something you actually want to have on your system. Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. NavR 1 Copper. Second when I am on idle and running literally nothing I am using more than gb of RAM, I'm not sure if this is normal or not on a laptop but my PC on idles never uses more than gbs. Third I am losing storage in my SSD everyday significantly, there is 50 gbs that I can't identify where its from and I haven't installed anything. If anyone could please provide me some guidance in these issues it would be greatly appreciated. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Re: Alienware m15 Issues. DougalAW 2 Bronze. Dell Support Resources.

Alienware m15 r2 review

Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. Learn More. While previous Alienware portables have sported bulky bezels and have weighed a little on the heavier side, the new m15 range leaps into the modern day with a bang-up-to-date design and the latest mobile Nvidia graphics cards. Models with a Hz display will also becoming available in March. Even I, an absent gym-goer for years now, can pick up the device one-handed. Related: Best gaming laptop. Weighing in at just 2. Finally, Alienware has also chosen to reduce the size of the bezel on each side of the screen. The bezel to the north of the display, which arches up slightly in the centre, is bigger than the others, ostensibly thanks to the camera and sensors. The glossy surround of the panel is a mixed bag. On a more positive note, the lid feels reassuringly sturdy. Despite being such a thin laptop, the lid has some weight behind it — even a spinach-overdosed Popeye would struggle to tear the screen from its hinge. In fact, the whole laptop looks and feels premium. The Alienware logo looks stylish above the keyboard and can be customised to pulse various colours. On the right sit two USB-A ports. An additional USB-A port can be found on the left side, along with an Ethernet port and headphone jack. Related: Best laptop. The chiclet keyboard has a seriously bright backlight, which can be fully customised complete with rainbow effects. You can choose from a huge range of colours, while also activating different effects such as Pulse, Spectrum and Rainbow Wave. The touchpad continues the theme of being simplistic yet effective. Related: Best gaming keyboard. Alienware offers gamers a tough choice when it comes to its This makes sense in terms of gaming. While a high refresh rate is advantageous for gaming, Ultra HD is far more important for streaming video. As such, not having the option for both in one device is rather disappointing, especially at this steep price. The Alienware m15 excels in dark scenes, with a fab contrast and black levels. More so when you consider that the likes of the HP Omen feature G-Sync at a substantially more affordable price. With black levels of 0. Is this a major issue? No, not really. The sRGB colour gamut coverage score of If you do want a laptop that can double up for gaming and more creative work, then there are far better alternatives than the Alienware m Expect both of these configuration options to be expensive though. Related: Alienware m17 first look.

Alienware m15 r2 reddit

The two laptops are similar internally, but on the outside the R2 borrows from the Legend design of the Alienware Area 51m gaming laptop. The m15 R2 has a new cooling system that the original m15 desperately needed. A central hinge connects the 4K display that has thinner bezels, and Alienware's beaked design is nowhere to be found. On a spec sheet, the m15 and m15 R2 may look nearly identical, but the performance gains and improved cooling make the m15 R2 a compelling choice if you're looking for a 4K gaming laptop. Here are the specifications of the Alienware m15 R2 we're specifically evaluating here:. Of course, you can customize and pick a configuration that fits your budget between those two extremes. That said, some elements between the original m15 and this model are the same. The honeycomb patterns still present above the keyboard and on the bottom of the housing. The RGB Alienware power button is now inline with the honeycomb pattern, streamlining the overall design. There's two color options: a lunar light color—what I was sent—and a dark side of the moon color variant. The lid prominently features the Alienware head, along with "15" in block lettering. It looks pretty slick. The back of the m15 has several ports, and a customizable light-up ring that goes around the edges. I'm a big fan of putting ports on the back of a laptop, especially display and external storage ports. The various connections are welcome, as is the GAPgiving users the option to connect an external desktop graphics card when their system is showing signs of slowing down. However, I've said it before when reviewing Alienware systems, and I'm going to reiterate it: Instead of forcing users into using Alienware's eGPU enclosure, the company should ditch this proprietary connector and replace it with more Thunderbolt connections. On the left side of the laptop are a 2. The Powershare port will provide power to charge your phone or tablet, even when the laptop is turned off. On the opposite side are two USB 3. Behind the ports on either side are cooling vents. The bezels surrounding the That said, the top bezel is much slimmer now that Alienware has moved away from putting a beak shape at the front of their laptops. The display has a resolution of 3, x 2, looks stunning, but also suffers from glare. Every time I opened the lid, I had to spend some time adjusting the angle of the screen to eliminate glare from a nearby light or window. The benefits of the organic light-emitting diode OLED configuration include more colors, deeper blacks, and low energy requirements. The lunar light chassis is more of a light gray color, and will undoubtedly get dirty over extended use. The keyboard boasts individually lit RGB keys that can be synced up to the light loop on the back and the alien head power button. A glass trackpad is centered on the laptop housing, alongside the keyboard. The m15 R2 also lacks a number pad, unlike the original m15 I reviewed just a few months ago. Removing the number pad also gives the feeling of more space for the rest of the keyboard. Overall, the m15 weighs 4. It's thin, and doesn't weigh a ton, but it's still not the smallest inch gaming laptop I've tested. It's not cumbersome to carry around the house, but you'll notice when it's in a laptop backpackalong with its W power supply. All of that powers the It barely edges out the other m15, which had an iH. But honestly, I expected a wider gap in benchmark scores between the two. Here, take a look:. Alienware seems to have settled on a base clock speed of 1,MHz, and a boost speed of 1,MHz for its m15 line.

Alienware m15 r2 too hot

Alienware m15 issues
Alienware finally made a thin and light gaming laptop, and it was worth the wait. For years, Dell's gaming brand has been pumping out powerful, but hefty gaming machines. The Alienware m15though, is its first step towards a truly modern laptop design. The m15 is a sign Alienware won't be left behind. The m15 weighs 4. That's a huge improvement over Alienware's earlier batch of notebookswhich are the sort of things only gamers could love. They're seriously heavy -- the last inch model weighed 7. One reason for their heft was Alienware's huge cooling setup, which stuck out behind the displays like they were venting hot rods. Back when gaming laptops were clocking in closer to 10 pounds, Alienware's designs seemed like they were on the cutting edge. And for the most part, it made sense to focus on cooling more than portability. But times have changed, now gaming notebooks can be both powerful and portable. Even though it's a massive step forward for Alienware, the m15 still lags a bit behind the competition when it comes to weight. Still, it's nice to see Alienware playing in the under-5 pound arena. This is also its first notebook to feature really thin screen bezels, another major trend gaming machines embraced this year. Unfortunately, there are still some hefty bezels at the top and bottom of the On the whole, the m15 still looks distinctly Alienware -- just toned down quite a bit. The magnesium alloy case is smooth and solid, and aside from some stylized speaker grills, a small LED Alienware logo on the back of the case and lights on the keyboard, there's not too much extraneous bling. It's a surprisingly subtle design, which also makes the m15 a better fit in offices and classrooms than other Alienware notebooks. The company didn't disappoint when it comes to ports, either. There are three USB 3. If you're getting this machine, you're mainly concerned with games. And not surprisingly, the m15 is more than capable. It was pretty much built to push games to their limit at that resolution. While playing Overwatch with Ultra graphics settings, I saw between and frames per second.

Alienware m15 r2 thermal issues

I was quick to grab the Alienware m15 when it came into the Digital Trends office. Maybe even my most anticipated laptop all year. The Alienware m15, though? For me. For everyone. Want to game, but also need modest portability? This is the most attractive accent lighting on any laptop, ever. The rest of the laptop is great, too. It abandons the hard edges so common in gaming laptops for a softer, rounded look that recalls the aesthetic of recent sci-fi films. That means it has some heft. Its weight of 4. That puts the m15 a hair short of 11 inches deep. The Razer Blade 15 is only 9. In other words, the m15 is closer to square than most gaming laptops. That can make it an awkward fit in a laptop bag, even one designed with inch laptops in mind. I had better luck with the keyboard. The layout is spacious, and keys respond with firm tactile feedback. This thing is stuffed with ports. Take a deep breath. And it gets better. Many ports are on the rear of the laptop, making cable management easy. The light bar is at the rear, too. Plugging in a peripheral is a great excuse to remind yourself how awesome this laptop looks. Eventually, you might stop gawking at the Alienware m15 and decide to play games on it. That means shifting your attention to the screen. There are four panels on offer, three of which are p.

Alienware m15 2019

I am having heat issues with my Mi7 and Max-Q config. The image below is from playing Overwatch for an hour; constant thermal throttle, above 90C temps with C at points and I was struggling to hit FPS while I see other people boasting over FPS on ultra settings. The laptop was set to Performance mode, had a. I had both thermal and power throttle while trying to benchmark it on UTX. Ensure that the CPU frequency is within the range during the first 5 minutes. I performed the test and at first CPU Frequency was jumping around a bit up to 3. As you can see in the Intel XUT graph in the screenshot the temperature was at C throughout the whole test. Are temperatures this high considered normal? Maybe both Browse Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Tspin 1 Copper. Alienware M15 extremely high temps and thermal throttling. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Alienware-Eimy Moderator. Re: Alienware M15 extremely high temps and thermal throttlin. HellsDisciples 3 Argentium. Dell Support Resources.

Alienware m15 r2 thermals

Log in or Sign up. I recently got my m15, but I've been having issues with the battery. With an underclocked and turbo-disabled CPU, lighting effects turned off, screen at minimum brightness, and battery saver on, I'm only getting around 4 hours at pure idle, and about 3 watching YouTube. HWInfo gives shows really high power draws, with a discharge rate of watts idle and watching YouTube. Is this an issue with the battery or something weird with software? I contacted Dell support and they did a diagnostic on my battery and found no issues so I'm honestly at the end of my rope. I've trieed a clean reinstall of Windows with just HWInfo, Throttlestop, and Alienware Command Center without it fans kept ramping up really high and Nvidia drivers installed, and it seemed ok then, but after I installed software for my peripherals, Steam, Firefox, consumption rocketed up again, even if I killed all their processes in Task Manager. Should I try again and just check power consumption after each install? Should I try and get a replacement battery? PotatoSupremacistFeb 9, Every time you install something, have a look at this number. If you cannot get this number down to 0. Find out what is running on your computer. Also look in the C States window. If your CPU is always busy processing various Windows tasks, it won't be able to settle down and battery power consumption will be higher than it should be. Here is how a 4th Gen CPU looks. One bad driver or one poorly programmed app can kill battery run time. My original track pad driver was horrible. It was constantly polling the track pad not hundreds or thousands of times a second but more like billions of times per second. Just resting a thumb on the track pad and the C state data would head right into the toilet. Absolute garbage but manufacturers release stuff like this all the time. I don't see anything that looks like its comsuming alot of CPU resources. The only strange thing I see are a few corsair utilities running even though I've stopped the iCue software and unplugged the mouse. I have a mV undervolt, on this profile Speedshift is set to maximum energy savings, screen is at minimum brightness, lighting is disabled, and battery saver is on. The C7 percntage fluctuates between 60 to a bit over Here's an album showing some screenshots taken over a few seconds. VasudevFeb 10, Your screenshots are showing that your CPU is averaging

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Alienware m15 issues
The Alienware m15 is well-designed, powerful, and has great battery life too. Its all-new design looks fantastic, and doesn't skimp on power. Its software could use some polishing, but the hardware is top-notch. Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop Review. Thin without any sacrifices. Be sure to visit IGN Tech for all the latest comprehensive hands-on reviews and best-of roundups. Note that if you click on one of these links to buy the product, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, read our Terms of Use. Alienware has redesigned its m15 See it on Dell's site gaming laptop, and is seemingly taking on its own line of laptops now, specifically the 13" model in the same family. I say that because this 15" laptop is 14 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than the Alienware 13, despite having a The m15 is also the thinnest Alienware laptop the company has ever released. One of the ways Alienware shaved off a few millimeters was by going with an Nvidia GTX Max-Q GPU, which is clocked lower than the standard model, so it doesn't need as much space for cooling. It looks and feels like a inch laptop, yet it has a The m15 measures To put that into perspective, Apple's latest inch MacBook Air is 0. Overall, the m15 weighs 4. Alienware offers two color options for the lid; nebula red, or epic silver. More Expert Tech Roundups. More Comprehensive Laptop Reviews. Alienware m Verdict The Alienware m15 is well-designed, powerful, and has great battery life too. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. For more, learn more. A powerful gaming laptop with great battery life and a slick design. IGN Logo Recommends. Alienware m15 Gaming Laptop Thermal Testing


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